GeneTegra Query

GeneTegra Query is a federated query platform that is available in two versions: Standalone and Enterprise.

The Enterprise version of GeneTegra Query has been designed for use at institutions to give researchers and data managers the ability to pull and merge data from distributed databases across the institute and share the data among investigators. Using the Enterprise version, GeneTegra Query can be used to establish and run a Quality Control and Assurance program for databases throughout an institute. The Enterprise edition of GeneTegra Query has been deployed at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and  the Centers for Disease Control Division of Viral Hepatitis. Contact us to pilot test GeneTegra at your institution.

The Standalone version of the platform provides the complete data integration, ontology modeling, and graphical querying functionality of GeneTegra Query within a smaller package designed for use by individual researchers.

A list of features for both versions of GeneTegra Query is shown in the table below: