Graphical Querying

GeneTegra offers a unique graphical interface through which users can construct visual queries that connect and retrieve data from different sources. GeneTegra queries, based on the SPARQL standard, contain many formidable features, such as data filtering using complex conditions, join and left-join mechanisms, and data transformations and aggregation. GeneTegra’s graphical features simplify the process of building these powerful queries, through drag-and-drop and autoconnect functionality, search and filtering of sources, and expression wizards.

Among the most impactful features of the GeneTegra Query Builder is the ability to share queries among users. GeneTegra allows for queries to be published to a central registry that is accessible to other users with appropriate permissions. Also, GeneTegra makes it possible to combine published queries with new queries through a simple drag-and-drop procedure that automatically generates an integrated workspace using data sources from both queries.

Some of the versatile features that make GeneTegra an efficient tool for data exploration and retrieval are:

  • Query bookmarking and publishing for reuse
  • Drag-and-drop design of queries
  • Automatic query aggregation
  • Linking of query nodes using predefined relationships or custom associations
  • On-the-fly generation of new concept relationships
  • Easy configuration of query results through drop down context menus
  • Comprehensive query-specified filtering as well as filtering of query results display.
  • Grouping of set of concepts for UNIONs
  • Support for aggregation functions including SUM, COUNT, and AVERAGE
  • Support for Group By, Grouping, Having, Distinct Functions