INFOTECH Soft, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of installation, support and customization services designed to meet the different needs of researchers and institutions. Our team of experienced, motivated, and knowledgeable service engineers works with our customers to define requirements, design solutions, and ensure smooth deployment and operation. Our commitment does not finish with the delivery of the system: it extends throughout its lifetime to ensure that GeneTegra delivers on its promise of advancing biomedical research.

You can contact our sales team with your customization or service inquiries at

Phone: +1-305-371-5111

INFOTECH Soft Professional Services include:

  • Configuration services include the creation of ontology models for specific public or private data sources, development of integrated models from multiple sources, and development of queries.
  • Customization services provide enhanced functionality designed specifically for a customer, such as the creation of query and retrieval mechanisms for legacy or proprietary data formats, interconnection with external software processes, or development of particular analysis or data export functions.
  • Installation services comprise different levels of assistance in the design and planning of the deployment and startup of the system, from support by email or telephone for the resolution of specific issues, to full-fledges installation and startup services.
  • Maintenance services include the delivery of software upgrades and patches, and technical support by phone or ema.
  • Training is provided via comprehensive training programs, ranging from introductory programs for new users to advanced training for IT users of the GeneTegra Enterprise edition.

Our customization services aim to satisfy GeneTegra users who are looking for user-friendly, affordable and full functional tools that complement both their research goals and the features that GeneTegra already offers. Our goal is to offer services that facilitate and advance research in healthcare and the life sciences. Our development team consists of highly skilled professionals who have a wide experience in software engineering and will make all the improvements you require quickly and with the very best quality. We offer the option to implement new data processing and analysis functionality or to adapt existing tools or technology standards and enhance them with a graphical interface that seamlessly integrates with GeneTegra functionality. By means of our customization services our customers will be able to expand their research capabilities in minimal terms and at a reasonable price. Customizations can involve the following:

  • Modifications in the functionality, workflow, and processes in GeneTegra to fit specific research needs
  • Defining the required configuration of the system
  • Customizing visual aspects of the solution (colors, logos, images, layouts, screen behavior)
  • Addressing visual customization of 3rd party applications involved in the solution
  • Developing additional functionality or capabilities