System Management

The GeneTegra security infrastructure and its management console ensure that a system administrator properly controls access to sensitive data and system components. With the system management console, a GeneTegra system administrator oversees the activities of other users and prevents the unauthorized use and access of system resources. User accounts and multi-level authorizations are managed through a permissions structure defined in the management console. GeneTegra strictly abides by and complies with the restrictions on read access established by the administrators of these sources, and does not write or update to any data source with which it interfaces, guaranteeing source data integrity. A user is allowed to access a database only using the credentials provided to him/her by the administrators of each database. In addition, GeneTegra administrators can further limit access to models, fields and data. Further, to ensure data quality and query reliability, the GeneTegra management console logs and tracks the query-related processes of the system and produces sample results of queries for review.