DILS 2012 Conference paper featuring GeneTegra

GeneTegra at the 8th Data Integration in the Life Sciences Workshop (DILS 2012)

A paper on the GeneTegra Information Integration Platform has been accepted for the

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8th Data Integration in the Life Sciences Workshop (DILS 2012). In this paper, we present the GeneTegra system, an ontology-based information integration environment. We show its ability to query multiple diverse data sources, and we evaluate the relative performance of different data repositories. GeneTegra uses Semantic Web standards to resolve the semantic and syntactic diversity of the large and increasingly complex body of publicly available data. GeneTegra contains mechanisms to create ontology models of data sources using the OWL Web Ontology Language, and to define, plan, and execute queries against these models using the SPARQL query language. Data source formats supported include relational databases, XML and RDF data sources, and delimited text files. Experimental results have been obtained to show that GeneTegra obtains equivalent results from different data repositories containing the same data, illustrating the ability of the methods proposed in querying heterogeneous sources using the same modeling paradigm.

About INFOTECH Soft:
INFOTECH Soft, based in Miami, Florida, is a company dedicated to the development of high quality, state-of-the-art software solutions for life sciences research. INFOTECH Soft specializes in the application of Semantic Web technology to information retrieval and integration for health research. Its staff consists of computer scientists and engineers with advanced post-graduate degrees, and with many years of collective experience in the design, development, production, marketing, sales, and support of sophisticated software solutions.